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Floral Shaving Mugs can easily hold their own in terms of beauty with the best Occupationals and ordering one back in the day, they would have been almost as expensive as an Occupational. Many of the china decorators brought over to decorate mugs were experts in floral decorating from working in European shops where flowers were a common motif in many porcelain objects and this skill really shows on some of the best mugs. Common designs include roses, lilies, and even bouquets of multiple flowers.

There are two types of Florals in terms of value, those where the flowers are the accent decoration around a name (less valuable) and those where the flower is the largest part of the scene and the name is above or below it (more valuable). In general, florals are more generic than Occupationals so the prices are more consistent and the quality and condition of the mug become much more important. A rare Occupational that has a small crack won’t be nearly as devalued as a Floral that has the same defect. When buying a Floral make sure to look it over closely for cracks, chips, repairs or other condition issues because you CAN find very high quality florals without an extreme increase in price.