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Comic Shaving Mugs fall into the decorative category, some of the are not even personalized with the owner’s name. The most popular Comic mugs often feature frogs, or rabbits doing human activities like riding bikes, getting a shave, fishing or eating. There are almost 20 different variations of frog mugs to my knowledge. Other well known Comic mugs are sometimes referred to as “A Close Shave” mugs which feature images of two black men fighting with razors or a woman shaving a man. Close Shave Mugs feature the caption “A Close Shave” near the main image. There are many other mugs that were sold in the Barber’s Supply Catalogs as “Comic Designs” or “Character Designs” but there are too many to simply list them all and I don’t have images for every one.

Comic mugs are affordable compared to Occupationals and Fraternals and collectors should try to focus on high-quality examples with no or few defects such as chips, cracks or repairs.