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Shaving Mugs for Doctors are relatively rare, and I lump in Veterinarians because there just aren’t enough to justify two categories. The traditional Doctor’s Occupational features an image of the doctor at the bedside of a sick patient, typically a woman, and taking her pulse or something similar. Other mugs feature the skull and crossbones as a symbol of the profession rather than having the “man-at-work” style mug. I’ve heard people say that the skull and crossbones mugs were sometimes listed as “comical” mugs, I can’t confirm or deny that one way or the other.

Veterinarian mugs typically show the man working with an animal, almost always a horse but some other animals can be found as well.

Doctor shaving mugs are rare and valuable, especially in good condition so feel free to send us a picture if you need help establishing the value or getting offers for your mug.